August 11, 2016




Well the long awaited P-day has arrived! It has taken forever for it to get here but i'm so happy that it is. I wish i could say a lot has happened but honestly we just sit in a class all day long basically. We wake up and get ready and go to breakfast every morning then it is right off to class. We have a teacher and go over some stuff and basically just study out of the preach my gospel and the scriptures. That goes on for a few hours then it is on to lunch. We only have about 40 minutes to eat in the cafeteria and it is absolutely crowded. I don't know how we make it on time. But after lunch its back to the class room and more learning. We study more and talk about ways to teach and how to get to know your investigators and all that. Mixed in with class time you have personal/companion study time which can get super boring and long. After that you have dinner and sit in the crowded cafeteria once again. Then it is back to class yet again. The only difference is that is basically 2-3 hours of just study time. It gets old really fast. You have to take lots of breaks just to stay sane. But at the same time when we stay busy is when i feel the least homesick. It really is true that you have to lose yourself in the lords work. I find that the only time im not thinking about home or the people back home is when im reading scriptures or studying in preach my gospel. Which is good because we do a lot of that. At 9:30 we get to go back to our dorms and hang out and write in our journals and stuff like that. that is when the fun begins. the dorms are crazy. Everybody just wants to unwind and have fun and talk and everything. It is pretty fun. Umm lets see, my companion... He is from california and is 19 i believe. He is super personable and easy to talk to. The food... The food is decent at best. its kind of a joke in our district, but if you get a chance read Jeremiah 4: 19-21. It basically describes the MTC food perfectly. My district is awesome. they help so much to keep me from getting too homesick. It seems like we are always laughing and having a good time, but at the same time they are some of the most spiritual people i know. They know so much about the gospel and the scriptures that it is crazy. Kind of weird but cool at at the same time, I feel like everybody in my district i have seen before of feel like i have known them for forever. It just shows that i am definitely in the right place. Its pretty cool. This week we got our trc investigators. They are super fun. Its basically like you're teaching investigators but at the same time its training. the only scary part is you don't know if you're teaching a member or a non member. The spirit is so strong in the MTC. For some reason when everybody sings in our meetings it is one of the coolest things ive ever heard. the devotionals are probably my favorite part. the first sunday, we listed to President Mathew Holland. He is elder holland's son. He talked about the restoration and joseph smith and gave his testimony about the whole thing. It was one of the most powerful things ive ever heard in my entire life. It changed my life forever. After that we watched a video of one of Elder bednars talks which talked about the character of christ and how we need to develop and learn to use it. that was also so amazing. I haven't felt the spirit much stronger than i did sunday night. Then just this last tuesday we had a devotional. The speaker was Elder Neil L. Anderson from the quorum of the 12 apostles. He came on his birthday and gave an amazing talk on missonany service and how missionary work isn't complex, but at the same time it's not easy. It changed the way i thought about it for sure. But the most spiritual experience ive had so far was with one of our TRC investigators. We invited him to pray and in his prayer he said that god would help him to know that what we were teaching was true and the spirit spoke so strong to me and it helped my testimony to grow so so much. It was such a neat experience! I think that's about it. I'll try and get to emailing everybody back but they're pretty strict about everything so don't be offended if i dont haha. I hope you are doing well and I love you all!!! I love hearing from everybody!

Elder Littlewood


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