June 12, 2018


Fort Collins


Elder Butterfield


Hey everybody!
First off, I want to say thank you too all who wished me a happy birthday! It means a lot:) I don’t have any more excuses that I’m a teenager. This week was a pretty good week. And by good I mean pretty normal. We have slowly been filling up our area book so we feel good about that. We were supposed to teach this family this past week but they forgot about our appointment so we weren’t able to. We were pretty bummed about that. We did get to see shanell and shaylee though! We had dinner with a family in the ward and they invited them over. So that was good to see them. They are great! Other than that, playing bingo with the old people has been a blast. Always something interesting! And tonight we have some of my favorite members taking us out for dinner which we’re super excited about! It’s getting pretty warm, and there’s a pool in our neighborhood tempting us every time we drive by. We also had a really good stake conference this weekend too which was awesome! I love being able to be a part of so many of those!
On a spiritual note, I had something really good that I wanted to share from the stake conference we watched but now I don’t remember what it was unfortunately. But I’ve been thinking a lot about perspective this past week. As you may all know by now, this area is not exactly flourishing. It is very wealthy and people just don’t necessarily feel the need to change. Everything is going well for them so why switch things up? And I think I’ve been letting that get too me. Why, I don’t know because I can’t control what they decide. It reminds me of when I played baseball. As I was growing up, my dad would always tell me there’s 3 things you can’t control. The umpire, the other team, and the weather. In a sense, I can’t control Gods will, the people we talk to, and still the weather. But I am entirely in charge of my perspective and my attitude. I have no clue what’s going on outside my sphere of things. I never know who we may have talked to down the road that will have a desire to change. A member shared some thing really cool this week. We were talking about planting seeds. He related it to corn. You plant one seed to grow a stalk of corn, but look how many kernels are produced from that on stalk. It was a really good object lesson. And I really want to adopt that. Whatever happens, I need to control my attitude and keep a general perspective on everything. When we do that, I promise we will be more happy. You never know who your actions will effect. Both good and bad. I hope y’all have. A great week! Love you!

Elder Littlewood


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