June 5, 2018


Fort Collins


Elder Butterfield

The Lord’s Battalion

***Quick note from Parker’s mom...Parker’s Birthday is this Sunday, June 10th. I know he would love to get a card, letter or email with birthday wishes and encouragement. He is struggling in this area and the work is slow so if you get a chance please reach out to him. Thanks!

Hey everybody!
We went to the temple today and have been running around so I don’t have too much time, but I wanted to share something real quick. I wish I had more to say about what we have been doing but there’s only so much to say about going around talking to people. We have done a lot of contacting in this park behind our house and I think people are starting to realize because not as many people have been there the last few times haha. We did talk to a mid aged couple who had a lot of really good questions and said we could stop by anytime. So hopefully something good happens there! Nothing new with the smiths. But the temple was a huge blessing today!
On a spiritual note, this week we got to watch president Nelson’s address to the youth of the church. It was great! One thing that stuck out to me was the wording he used when talking to the youth. He said to join the lord’s youth battalion. I loved that! It correlated perfectly with what I’ve been reading in the Book of Mormon. I’m currently reading the war chapters. And I love the story of the stripling warriors. Such a cool example of people giving up everything to serve the lord. I love the story! I think we can all be a part of the lord’s battalion if we choose to. But we have to make sacrifices, and do the things necessary to do so. So I would invite everybody to think about what they need to do to enlist on the lord’s battalion. I promise you will see blessings from doing so! I love Y’all!

Elder Littlewood


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