April 24, 2018


Loveland, Colorado


Elder Borges

Faith over Fear

Hey everybody! I can’t believe another week has come and gone! This past week flew by! We finally had a little bit of contact with the smith’s and are hoping we will be able to meet this coming week. We also had the Jasper’s come to church which was awesome! And the best part of the week was our zone conference! We got together with the missionaries in longmont and had a big meeting. We received lots of instruction as well as got smart phones to replace our old phones! That will be an interesting transition! But my favorite part about zone conference was when our mission president showed a clip of a talk from president worthen. I hope I spelled that right. He’s the president of BYU. He talked about the difference between fear and faith. And why it’s important to distinguish between them. They cannot exist together. If we have faith, we can overcome our fears. And this is especially true in a gospel sense. A lot of the time we are scared to do something in the church. Whether it be repent, accept a calling, have a speaking assignment, whatever it might be, if we have the necessary faith, we will know that we can do anything. This goes for in the church and out of the church. If we will just have faith in any and every aspect of our life we will do great things! We need to let faith guide us rather than fear keep us from accomplishing the things we desire. Faith can do incredible things! Sorry this is so short but I hope you have a great week! Love y’all!

Elder Littlewood


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