March 13, 2018


Loveland, Colorado


Elder Oates

Small and Simple Things

Hey everybody! Short and sweet this week. Things are starting to go pretty well here for us! We finally got in contact with the mother and her two kids who we’ve been trying to reach for some time now. They are unbelievable! The first night we taught them, Trent the son after the lesson just wanted to keep going and learning more. It was amazing! So we’re super excited to keep working with them! We also had a really successful day of Tracting on Saturday. We were able to pass our goal of doors knocked on, and we were able to hand out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon which was great! Much better than Windsor haha. Then just the other day, we were just walking by a house and a man was working on the roof. He hollered at us and we talked for about 5 minutes and he took a Book of Mormon as well! So many good things going here in Loveland!
Alma 37:6&7 talks about how god uses small and simple things to bring about his great and eternal principles. We can all be an instrument in the lord’s hands to help him accomplish this. So my challenge this week is to work on the small and simple things this week!
I hope everything is going well for y’all back home! Please let me know if I can do anything for ya! Love ya!

Elder Littlewood


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