February 13, 2018


Windsor, Colorado


Elder Phelps

Live What You Teach

First things first, I’m so sorry I didn’t send out a weekly last week! We didn’t have very much time, and I honestly just don’t have very much motivation to write them but I’ll continue to do so! The last few weeks have been pretty good. We got to go to the temple last Tuesday which was great! I love the temple. Things have been pretty slow in the Windsor area. People are very set in their ways and honestly not very nice in the first place haha. But it makes for good stories sometimes. We’ve found a couple of people this week that we hadn’t been able to make contact with. We’ve gotten into some doors that we haven’t been able to on the past as well. So we’ve got some potential developing! I really hope things start to pick up. The ward is still great though and taking good care of us. I have to speak in church this Sunday which should be interesting! No matter how much you do it, it never gets easier haha. Now, I know I’ve mentioned a lot about being member missionaries. And I still really encourage you all to be the best missionaries you can be! But I found this scripture while I was studying this week and I want to share it. It’s in mosiah chapter 23 verses 9&10. It’s Alma talking about how in order for him to be an effective instrument in the lords hands, he first needed to repent. Elder holland gives a talk where he says that you cannot go out and preach the gospel when you yourself don’t love it. He says “the words will choke in your mouth”. Super powerful saying. You can’t expect to be a good instrument in the lord’s hands when you’re not living what you’re teaching. So live what you teach and teach what you live! I hope you all have a great week this week! Love y’all! Please let me know if you have any questions or have anything you want me to talk about!

Elder Littlewood


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