January 30, 2018


Windsor, Colorado


Elder Phelps


Hey everyone!
Well it was a pretty good week this week. Missionary wise, we had a great zone conference on Wednesday. We talked a lot about repentance and the blessings that come from repenting. We talked about the worlds view of repentance and how it may seem like a chore and something we do right before we die. Versus the church’s view and how it’s really a gift and something we should look forward to every single day. Repentance is beautiful! We also were finally able to get in contact with a potential investigator we had been trying. We have something set up a couple weeks out so hopefully it actually happens. And then we had a really cool miracle where we were at chick fil a and a worker came up to us and said he was catholic and had never heard our side of things. But that he would like to! I’m paraphrasing of course but you get the idea. It was awesome! On less of a spiritual side, I had a little accident this week. We were doing some service and during this service me and another missionary were throwing away a big glass cabinet. Well I’m the process of throwing it in the dumpster, it broke and shattered and caught me on the way down. So after a trip to the urgent care, 13 stitches and some bandages we were good to go. Hopefully it leaves some pretty cool scars. It almost looks like baseball stitches honestly. But everything is fine and dandy now! But I couldn’t help but relate it to the gospel. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter what we are doing. We could be doing good things in our lives like service for others, but in the meantime we forget about ourselves. Now I probably should’ve taken some better precautions and used some better Judgement, but I didn’t.. and I paid for it haha. It’s like when we forget to read or pray. Most of the time we mean well, but we forget. And it bites us. But just like with stitches there’s a way to put things back into place. And that’s to do the things we’re supposed to be doing. Reading, praying, going to church, all the primary answers. And that helps us get back into things. Now there’s still a scar. And this whole thing involves repentance. Even when we repent, while god remembers whatever it is no more, we still do. Just like the injury will heal, but there’s going to be a scar. And that’s for us to remember. Which is very important. So scars are good! And repentance is great! I love y’all so much! Have a great week!

Elder Littlewood


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