January 16, 2018


Windsor, Colorado


Elder Phelps

Spiritual Sprains

Hey everybody!
Well there has been a lot of changes! I got my new companion late
Tuesday night. His name is Elder Phelps and he’s from Phoenix Arizona.
We have been working hard ever since he got here which is great. He is
willing to work which is the most important thing. We have done a lot
of Tracting this week. And it has really reminded me how much I hate
Windsor Haha. Not because of any big thing, the people here are just
very set in their ways and don’t really have a desire to change. Most
of the time they are nice, and will have a pleasant conversation with
you, but every now and then you get some angry folks. Just part of the
job I guess. But Elder Phelps has had a pretty good attitude
throughout it all. Probably the most exciting thing this week, I
learned how to do the dance move where you swing your arms back and
forth and move your hips and I probably explained that awfully but I’m
sure you know what I’m talking about. So that was great haha. We also
had trainers meeting up in Cheyenne and we got to ride with President
McMurray which was a great time! The more time I spend with him the
more I love him. He is so genuine and caring. It was also great to see
all the other missionaries. So that was a highlight as well.
On a more spiritual note, I’m going to try this whole analogy thing
again. This week I did something to my ankle and it has been killing
me. But everybody wanted to play basketball today. So I grabbed my pre
wrap and athletic tape, and taped it up and then I got a brace to go
over it as well. And we played basketball and had a great time! And
the ankle was fine! Which was a tender mercy in and of itself. But
that can be related to a spiritual sense as well. Sometimes whether we
mean to or not, we ourselves are hurting. We might be suffering
spiritual sprain. But just like ankles, or anything else, there are
things we can do to help that. The tape and the brace can be related
to so many aspects of the gospel. Prayer, scripture study, church
attendance, temple attendance, etc. there are lots of, in a sense,
spiritual bandaids to help us make it through those times. Especially
in the world we live in, I think it is happening more and more. Now my
invitation would be, if you are struggling to get the spiritual care
that you need. Do the things that you can do and wait for things to
get better because I promise they will. However, those of you who are
doing fine, reach out in love and help those who might be struggling
around you. Make a difference in someone’s life. I love you guys and
hope you’re doing great! Please let me know if there’s anything I can
do for you!

Elder Littlewood


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