January 9, 2018


Windsor, Colorado


Elder Bennett

Don’t Be Idle

Hey everybody!
Man the time is going by so fast. A lot has happened! I have officially hit my 17 month mark, and another transfer is upon us. My companion Elder Bennett is moving on to bigger and better things in the land of love aka Loveland. And I will be staying here in Windsor. Luckily they are giving us a car and an apartment! But we won’t have the apartment for a little bit so for the time being I’m still living with brother cross. I will also have the opportunity to train a new missionary which I am very excited about! I think it will be a good experience. This week was another slow one so I don’t have too much to write. Hopefully it’s just people still getting back from the holidays and it will pick back up soon. This week I did have an opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Gentry! And man what a good time that was. He was definitely one of my favorite companions. Hopefully I will have more to report on this coming week!

One thing I have been reflecting on this week is the difference between working hard and being idle. I am reminded of the saying “if you’re not progressing, you’re digressing.” I firmly believe that and unfortunately I have felt that the last couple of weeks. We have not been working as hard as we could’ve and I think we have paid the price for that. We have not seen very much success. But that principle applies to regular life as well. It is so important that we are constantly growing and bettering ourselves. We find a comfortable place and want to stay there. It’s great to be comfortable. But remember. “There’s no comfort in a growth zone, but there’s no growth in a comfort zone.” As we step out of ourselves and do things with our lives for the better, we will never never be idle and slothful and have the awful feeling that you have accomplished nothing. But we will learn and grow and become what we are capable of. So please don’t be idle! Keep moving, keep growing, and see the results! I love you guys so much! Thanks for all the love and support! I wish you all the best.

Elder Littlewood


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