December 12, 2017


Windsor, Colorado


Elder Bennett

The Gospel and Baseball

Hey everybody!
I don’t have too much time today so this might be a little short. But this week was a pretty good week. We are getting more and more adjusted to the area. The families here are great and I love spending time with them at dinners and teaching lessons. We had all of our recent converts at church this past Sunday which was great! We also had really good recent convert lessons about the commandments with them. We are also working with a new older couple that we found. It’s really sad honestly. Their health is so bad that they can’t drive. And they really just need the spiritual nourishment that we can receive on Sundays. But they do have BYU devotionals on their tv haha so there’s that. We have our ward Christmas party this Saturday which should be fun!

Now on a more spiritual note, we played baseball today and Elder Reiswig told me to tie that into the gospel so here it goes. “The gospel is like a game of baseball” it doesn’t just come naturally. Yes there is peace found in the gospel and living its teachings, but you have to work for it. It’s a process that we go through to grow and mature and keep learning. Just like you must practice and always be striving to better your talent. You can’t practice and get to a point where you think you’re good and then coast. If you are not progressing , you’re digressing. And even when you’ve done everything in your power to be the best that you can be, sometimes we still have trials and go through tough times. Just like when you hit a line drive right on the nails and the 3rd baseman is standing right in front of it. But it’s all about our attitude. You can either let that drag you down and defeat you, or you can trust that things will get better and that you will be put in that situation again and be given another opportunity. So to summarize things, always do your best to put yourself in the best position possible, and then endure everything that comes at you with the best attitude possible. I love you guys all so much! Thank you for the Christmas wishes! And merry Christmas to you!

Elder Littlewood


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