November 21, 2017


Laramie, Wyoming


Elder Jenson

Be Grateful

Hey everybody! Well we just got back from a very snowy, wet, cold hike and my fingers aren’t working well, so please forgive me if I’m a little messy on my words. This week was pretty good. We went up to rawlins and did an exchange with some missionaries up there. One of them I really enjoy being around so it was really fun to spend some time with him. We met with Ian and things are going great. Hopefully everything goes as planned and his baptism goes through this Friday! We’re all super excited. Transfers are next week as well so by the time I talk to you next, I’ll know what’s going to happen. We also did some service this week and were helping this older lady clean out her house. She said anything you want, you can take. And dang did I get some gems. They were trying to throw away all these old cowboy movies that hadn’t even been opened. But don’t worry grandpa, I saved the good ones! I also got a fly rod, and this fishing door mat thing, all sorts of good stuff. And then just regular missionary work besides that. We were able to get back in contact with some investigators who had kind of disappeared but we have been able to have some pretty good contact with them.

With thanksgiving coming up, I wanted to talk a little bit about being grateful. And to start off, I want to say thank you to each one of you for your examples and the impact you’ve had in my life. I am grateful for you! Thank you so much! With that being said, I think sometimes we get caught up in our busy lives and sometimes forget to be grateful for everything around us. We shouldn’t need a holiday set aside for us to be grateful for the things we have and those around us. That should be an all year round thing. And even then, we need to learn to be grateful for even the hard things in our life. Those things are what makes us the people we are. They shape us and provide us with opportunities to help those around us later who might be struggling with the same things. So please take some time to think about what you’re grateful for and who your grateful for. The good and the bad. But not to forget those things when the holidays are over. I’m grateful for you all! And I love you guys! Have a great thanksgiving!

Elder Littlewood


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