November 14, 2017


Laramie, Wyoming


Elder Jenson

Make time for the important things

Hey everybody!
This week was pretty good. We went down to Cheyenne for a zone conference. It was super fun. I love seeing all the other missionaries. And it’s like a mini road trip so that was fun. We learned a lot more about Facebook and online proselyting and all sorts of stuff. Our investigator Glenda who we thought was going to progress really well and be super promising dropped us which was a bummer. We think she went and talked to her pastor and of course he’s going to tell her not to talk with us. But hopefully one day she changes her mind. Ian is doing great and will be baptized next week! We went on exchanges with a set of missionaries yesterday and one of them was really close to me when I first came out and now he’s going home so it was pretty cool to spend the day with him.

One thing that I’ve realized this week, is you have to make time for the things which are most important. Even as a missionary, where we have time to study automatically put into our schedule, most of that time is spent studying with Investigators or people we are teaching and not for ourselves. And so you have to sacrifice to get that time. And it’s the same thing with everything. Unfortunately, the most important things in life are going to get covered up by the things of the world and the every day hustle and bustle of life. But that personal study is super important. So make time for the important things in life! Especially family. I will definitely be better about that when I get home. I love you guys! Thanks for everyone you do!

Elder Littlewood

Pictures of zone conference, some pranks and wildlife.


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