October 31, 2017


Laramie, Wyoming


Elder Jenson

A Belief In Christ

Hey everyone!
Things are going pretty good in Laramie! Not much has changed people wise, Ian is still doing great, and on track for November 24! We were also able to set Dustin back on date for December! So that is super exciting! Rebba, one of our recent converts daughters is doing great! She really loved the message of the restoration, and is progressing pretty well! We have also made a lot of progress with finding this last week. We have two potentials that seem pretty solid and we were able to tract into a bunch of less actives that weren’t on our records so that was great too! One pretty Inteteresting thing that happened this week, was that while we were on the campus, there was some preacher dude who was trying to call everybody to repentance and we stopped and listened to him for a sec and the moment he saw us he immediately started bashing us. He started talking about Joseph Smith and how 18 is way to young to be an elder in a church and all this stuff. So we laughed at him and just waked away. One thing really important I’ve learned on my mission is that our purpose is to help people come closer to Jesus Christ. Not necessarily have everybody convert to Mormonism. So I love just seeing church parking lots full on Sunday’s and hearing about other people’s beliefs. Even when it’s not our church. A belief in Christ is so important. And in my opinion, you’re not doing any good by bashing anybody else’s religion. That’s my little thought for the week. I hope y’all are doing great! I love you!

Elder Littlewood


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