December 31, 2018


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Freeze, Freeze, Thou Bitter Sky

@hermana Larimer thanks for the subject line 😅
Transfer 4 week 3?
It's been another great week in Hanayashiki! Christmas was this week, and it is so special to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as a missionary! We ate with the members almost everyday this week, which is very strange as a missionary in Japan. I went my whole first transfer without eating with members hahaha I also got to call my family! It was way good to hear all their voices again and to see my new baby niece! My family is the greatest :)
Some random miracles from this week:
We were eating lunch with this awesome old couple in our ward, and their nonmember grandson walked in out of nowhere! So we got to teach him a lesson and get to know him. Great kid.
We were studying right by this train station, and this dude came up and sat next to us, and started speaking to us in English. I guess he had met with missionaries for English before, but stopped meeting with them because he didn't like learning about the church much. But he saw us and took it as a sign to come back (just eikaiwa for now but I'm still stoked!)!
I played with water guns outside while it was snowing with some way fun kids, and then massive hail started falling! (hence the subject line)
I biked up a mountain without crying!
Thats pretty much about it for whats happened recently though... yikes! I've been going way hard in Hanayashiki, but so far I don't have a ton to show for it, but I know that there's a whole lot in store for this area and for me if I keep working hard! I'd just like to share a spiritual thought from these past few weeks:
*spiritual thought*3 Nephi 12:6And blessed are all they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled with the Holy Ghost.
I've spent a whole lot of time recently trying to be worthy of the Holy Ghost. I figured since I wasn't finding people to teach, that I didn't have the Holy Ghost with me, and that I needed to be more righteous. Frustrated that I wasn't perfect, which nobody ever is perfect (why do I keep thinking stupid things???), I did a lot of studying about grace, because I felt like I wasn't getting it. I've learned to look at this scripture in a totally different light. It doesn't say, "blessed are those that are already righteous," it says hunger and thirst. If you're hungry or thirsty, what don't you have? I definitely have the hunger to be righteous, even though I'm not perfectly righteous right now. I've also realized that being filled with the Holy Ghost doesn't mean getting whatever I think God wants for me. Satan wants us to think that when we are doing great, we aren't doing enough. So in case you've been feeling pretty inadequate lately: that's awesome! Keep trying! God recognizes your effort to become something more.
That's all from me this week! As a missionary, my responsibility is basically just to bring happiness into other people's lives. So if you need some happy, shoot me an email ;)
Love you guys! オリバー 長老
***if I didn't respond to a personal email from you this week, I probably forgot about it... please try again I'll do better I promise 😅
All I have is old pictures... I've been way bad recently 😅 but these are pictures with an awesome lady named Rei (in Sekime) and a picture of my old district!


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