February 28, 2022


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite


Salut tout le monde! 
So lots has been going on, I should get better at writing these 😅. I am still in Mont Saint hillaire with Elder Fleming. First things first, February in Québec is very weird it got so warm that all the snow melted, then it decided to rain a ton, freeze, then snow on top of that, so the roads are just absolute madness. But we are still alive... for now. 
Speaking of snow we went out to this tiny town in the middle of nowhere one day and we saw this guy shoveling the front of a catholic church. We went over to see if we could help him, turns out he was the priest for that building, with a very thick Québec accent. When we finished he asked if we wanted to see inside the building and he gave us a tour. It was super cool and huge! 
We talked with this one guy on the street and helped him shovel his driveway. Turns out he's been to Utah and has seen the tabarnacle choir. He was saying his wife has problems hearing but when she heard the choir she could hear everything perfectly. While he was explaining this to us me and Elder Fleming are just standing there like yea that makes sense. So we will go back in a week and teach that guy. 
We have been pretty busy as of late we have one friend who has been coming to church every week and he has set a baptismal date for next month so that's super exciting. We have even been able to get him to read the book of mormon almost everyday he is in the Isaiah chapters in second nephi so I bet that's fun for him. 
Anywho there's lots going on here in doing well, I hope all y'all are thriving have a good week là 
1. Inside catholic church ⛪ 
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3. Souper avec les michels
4. Frozen bush


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