January 17, 2022


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite


Bonjour tout le monde!
This past week has been awesome! We are still pretty restricted due to covid but that doesn't really affect anything we do anyways. We found a new place to serve here in mont Saint hillaire, its a food bank and everyone there are volunteers. So we should be doing that every week now and it's super fun.
As well last Monday I got a phone call from this lady that I talked to on my first day in this area. I talked to her on the street and gave her my card. Weeks later she calls us up and tells us she want to learn more and come to church! She is soooo funny. We gave her a book of mormon and she listened to church over the phone this last Sunday. Absolute miracle.
We found this old guy who just got out of the slammer, he's a cutiepie. We gave him a book of mormon and some Timbits because... Canada. The face he made when he saw donuts was absolutely priceless. We got his phone number but we have no idea what his name is because he's reaallly hard to understand.
Not sure if I've mentioned this already but I got a new companion named elder Fleming from British Columbia. I'll have some pictures below with him but basically we found a space heater in our Appartement and we cooked and ate an egg by holding it up to the heater. Science. 
We also spoke with this guy about our age from île Maurice 🇲🇺. He loves Jesus and he wants to do tons of missionary work with us, the guy has like 4 references for us. He wasn't the biggest fan of the Book of mormon but we will work around that.
Sorry if this email was all of the place, but another thing worth mentioning is there is a big winter storm here, apparently its so bad that our whole mission shut down and no missionarys are allowed to go outside. So we have been in extra quarentine for today can't wait to be free tommorow! 
Hope you all have a stellar week! Stay sweet 👋 
1. Mont Saint-Hilaire 
2. 🥚🍳
3. Elder Fleming spilled mayo
4. train tracks


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