November 29, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite

"you were right, the taco won."

Bonjour tout le monde!
Just realized it's been a month since I wrote an email 😳. So I will try to reddem myself here with a good one. This past month has been pretty wild we got transfer calls, and I will be staying in Sherbrooke all the way till after Christmas. Can't complain about that it would be kinda lame getting transfered right before the holidays. I also will staying with the same 2 compaions: Omerza and Willits, les gars.
A highlight of this month was definitely American Thanksgiving, this family from Hawaii invited us over and we munched on some turkey, we abouslutly dined like kings. On that same day it was also Elder Willits's birthday 🎂 so the family also got him a present and gave him a cake.
There was a baptism in one of my old areas named Valleyfield. This lady that I found named Valentine entered the waters of baptême! Shout out to elder furhiman for making it happen! She is the funniest lady I think I've met on my mission, she must have progressed so much for her to be baptized because when I found her there was literally no chance. But just a couple months later it happened, Les miracles.
We are teaching this old guy naned Pascal, he's a great challenge to teach because he is from central Africa which is a French speaking country but his French is honestly not great. So we really struggle to communicate with him. The book of mormon is not translated into any of the other languages he speaks, neither Google translate. However he is very kind and wants to meet with us so we will keep on trying.(one time he asked what the word "néanmoins" means which is "nevertheless" in english, I had no idea how to explain it for some reason 🤣)
Another victory we had came from a phone call from our housing coordinators, after 3 months of looking have found an apartment! And as well the housing coordinators were telling us that the landlord is very interested in learning more about the church. We learned very quickly why is took so long to find some housing for another team of missionaries. We will be moving in there this week!
Something else that happened was just last week, we recieved a phone call from these two random guys, one of them might have been drunk I'm not sure. But apparently one of them Recieved a book of mormon back in 2008 with our phone number on it from some random elder. They called us up and starting trying explain to us that Jesus name shouldn't be jesus, which is true. They were breaking down the Hebrew alphabet as well as explaining to us Greek. This whole time I was just trying to figure out if they actually wanting to learn more or trying to bash us, it was the most confusing phone call I think I've ever been in. Eventually we started to talk to them about the church and the book of mormon and they are both interested! These dudes are wild though, they challenged us to a snowball fight, one of them is like 47 years old.
We are also teaching this one guy named Emmanuel he's pretty dope he's from côte d'ivoire. He's a another one of those African guys that KNOWS the Bible. But he's really cool he's got a wife and two kids. He's looking for a church so that his kids can grow up with the gospel in their lives. He also plays in a handicap basketball league which is pretty dope. Hopefully he progresses further. 
Last but certainly not least in my man Hans Pikarek. We visited him last night. He's like this 4 foot tall German man who went off the deep end for like 30 years but has been coming back to the church in the past 2-3 months. He was telling about his life how he went on a mission, he was a bishop all that stuff. He told us a story of how Ezra Taft Benson played his dad in chess so that Hans could go on a mission it was wild. He was also explain to us that he is helping this guy overcome some addition, who happens to be a 3 time gold medalist in the handicap Olympics for curling. Hans really needs to write a book about his life. All the while he kept bearing such a powerful testimony of jesus christ and of the church. It was so awesome! 
Well I hope y'all are still doing well. Don't freeze its getting closer to that season. Until next time bye là 👋 
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