November 1, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite

Tricky like that jesus

Bonjour mes chère frère et sœurs en christ! These past few weeks have been good, we have been super busy running back and forth between 3 areas for exchanges and district councils and what not, so I've been doing lots of driving.
Something cool that happened this week is we were in line to this poutine shop, as a true Canadian would be, and this guy said hi to us and asked if we were from Utah. Turns out basically his whole family are members of the church, we got his number and Adress so we will set up with him and his family and hopefully start teaching this week to come. A poutine miracle!
We are working with this one fellow to help him stop smoking and he came up to us at church and told us he's hasn't smoked for 2 days! It's so cool to see how far he's come since when I first got here. 
I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the Longueuil elders and I got paired up with elder treveno. A fellow Calgarian. During the exchange we saw this kid wearing a Calgary flames jersey, so we knew we had to talk with him. He was with two of his buddys and we ended up teaching them all about the book of mormon, and grabbing their phone numbers. So that's pretty cool and the kid had #12 on his jersey so that's dope. Me and Elder treveno also found this family from Africa, Cameroon 🇨🇲, so that's pretty cool as well. 
Last week we did a district p-day where we all went to a thrift store and bought the ugliest vests we could find to wear to district council. So that what we did + got some French tacos 🌮. So that was fire I must say there was some interesting outfits put together, so proud of my district.
That's all for this week stay sweet!
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