October 11, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite

??????? ????

Salut tout le monde!

These last few weeks have been a ride. Literally we have driven soooo much. We keep getting sent in to Montreal to pick up new missionaries at the airport and driving them to our area or another area. So it fun to see all the new missionaries coming in, some new, some reassigned. Speaking of which we got a trio and I have a son (I'm training). My new guys name is Elder Willits, French people have no idea how to say his name for some reason. He's from Sandy Utah and is a big basketball player.
As for missionary work we had something crazy happen, we found a family of 8, they are refugees from Syria 🇸🇾, and they speak almost no French or English, so I am learning Arabic now. They actually speak Kurdish better but I have now materials to study that. It's quite a challenge to teach them, even though they are insanely nice, just because it's all on me my other comps don't speak even French so I gotta do my best with that one. Relying solely on the gift of tongues for this one.
We also found a bunch of other people such as an 84 year old man that can barely move and a super young couple with a one year old and a homeless guy that one of our members took in, he says he seen Jesus so it could be wild.
It's been a wild time teaching both of my companions French, but in doing so my French is getting pretty fire. Anyways it's Canadian Thanksgiving so we are going to get elder Willits his first poutine today. Bye là ✌️


اتمنى لك اسبوعا جيدا


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