September 13, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite

Sherbrooke ?

Salut tout le monde!
Ça vaaaa? 
Things have been great I got transfered about a week ago to this city called Sherbrooke right by the border. My new companion's name is Elder Omerza, he's from Chicago. Pretty cool guy. He is a reassigned missionary, he has been out for about 14 months and he came from the Spokane Washington mission. Our missions have been drastically different up till now. On his first transfer he was out door knocking and street contacting, while for me I didn't teach a lesson in person until my first year in the field. 
Looking back I got to say goodbye to my homies Shabani, Serge, and Emmanuel. Pics below 👇. It's sad to leave Montreal, there is is much fun stuff going on there, and my man elder banza aka dirty Dan, but it was a good time. As for Sherbrooke, super cool city I had the chance to come here multiple times when I was in Drummondville. There are a couple legendary members here; one by the name of Serge Davenport. Serge is one of our ward missionaries who grinds so hard for us, he's literally nearly a full time missionary it's something to witness. 
On another note because this area was closed, me and Elder Omerza were the ones to reopen it. So needless to say it was a little quiet when we got in, but we have seen some serious progress in just the week or so that we have been here. One guy that we found on our second day in is named Jonathan, he's from Haïti. This is a large man I am dealing with, who knows the Bible very well, probably the best I've ever seen on my mission. I get so nervous for our lessons with him because he gets really excited so sometimes he gets up and trys to preach to us then we say like one sentance and he's like, "oh oui c'est vrai". So I'm having lots of fun with this man, but I need to watch myself because he could easily pick me up with one arm and throw me out his window. 
Another note about Sherbrooke is its a very quoi area, meaining the québécois accent here is very thick. There was one member we met with this last week and I think I understood 40% of what he was saying. After the lesson I looked over at poor elder Omerza and told him not to worry, that wasn't French at all. Another sweet story is just last night we spoke to a man who was taught in the past. His ears definitely didn't hear too much and his speaking was like mumbles, or just noise then I made out a word every now and then, so just terrific. 
So all and all we are just thriving out here, I'm all about this québécois life. I hope y'all are having a great week keep grinding bye là ✌️.
1. Eman + Serge
2. King Shabani
3. Housing crew
4. 1 last weird guy in the métro
5. Moi et Elder Omerza


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