August 17, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite


Salut tout le monde!
Ça va?
These last few weeks have been pretty great. We recently have been finally starting to receive new missionaries because the boarders have opened. So the America's 🇺🇲 are finally coming in 👏. Me and Elder Banza have the job to help the housing coordinators prepare appartements for all the new missionaries coming in. So that basically takes up all of our time. Its pretty cool we just move stuff in and out of appartements and U-haul storage lockers. I get to drive a truck so that's pretty fun. But yea I would be lying if I said my mission isn't nearly just a service mission now. It good to get a break from doing the classic covid missionary stuff and being outside more.
Something fun we did as a district a week, we went on a bike ride all around Montréal. It was fun just even to ride a bike. For me it's been like 13 months since I've done that. Then we got to see some cool spots, we went over one of the bridges leading off of the island of Montréal and we also took pics as a district of course so yea. Something to mention is it was soooo hot while we were biking,  plus like a 100% humidity so it felt like I was swimming 🏊‍♀️.  
As well some good news is while we don't have much time to work on our area and teach people we were able to get someone on date to be baptized and we will try with another person tonight so that should be exciting 😀.  As well our area is super busy somehow, we hardly do anything to find people but our Facebook page has been coming in clutch for us. So that's really cool how the technology is still helping us get the work done ✔. 
Also another cool thing that happened is this last Sunday we were at church and me and Elder Banza were sitting with one of our friends. Then walks in this Hispanic family that looks really familiar 🤔.  They sit down with the sister missionaries in our ward and I talk to them after and it turns out to be this one guy and his family that I have been teaching English to. I had know idea that they were taking the lessons but they just pulled up to church. That was cool because I've been teaching English classes for like 7-8 months and haven't really seen any success with it, besides teaching people English, up until now. Hopefully my boy Segundo can continue to progress as well as his wife and kid.
Anyways I never know what to write in these so there ya have it. Hope y'all have an absolutely stellar week. Lâche pas le 🥔!
1. Le district
2. 1 full truck
3. Elder Banza looking like a snack


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