June 29, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite

? St. Jean Baptiste Day. ?

Bonjour mes amis! 🙋‍♂️
These past few weeks have been pretty great not going to lie. We have been continuing to find solid people to teach and we have been staying super busy. We have two people on date, we pushed back their baptismal date a little but just till July. So that's good we know that they will be super ready to make and keep the covenant of baptism.
Alors, something kinda special that happened this last week is we went by to check on one of our friends at his appartement. And just before I realized that it was the first door that I've really knocked on my mission. 🤯. So that's fun we also watched power rangers with his kids for a little bit, I have no idea what language it was in. But the meeting went really well we set up another lesson and we might start teaching his daughter.
Saint Jean Baptiste Day really happened as well as the Canadians made it to the playoffs. So as you can imagine the vibe was pretty real over here. Bravo canadiens!
I also had my first zone conference where we could sit down and not have to were masks in person. It was awesome, also the last one with president and Sister Low 👀. It was really nice it great to see the restrictions loosening up a little. I feel like this week I've had more in person interaction than my entire first year as a missionary. 
Anyways I'm doing great I hope everyone else is living the dream, y'all better not be cheering for Tampa. Stay beautiful.


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