June 15, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite

Salut toi!

Allô tout le monde. Alors this week was pretty solid we have had lot's of good things going on. Our friend Emmanuel is progressing super well for his baptismal date on the 26 of this month so we are pumped for him 🥳. As well we have another friend named Shabani who also should be baptized on the same day. We will be teaching him tonight at his house!This is a new rule that came out yesterday, we can teach in homes. This will be my first time. So I'm super pumped for that 🙌.
Something funny that happened recently is yesterday we were teaching English to this guy in Haïti. The connection was awful it was so hard to understand him. As well every now and then he would switch to creole so that was really something haha. Hopefully we will be able to find some of the missionaries in Haïti and they could meet with him in person.
It's been getting a lot warmer here, which has been nice. Elder Banza gets hot and sweats really easy so it's been fun to watch him. He will put like two fans right on him just to cool down. I'm just super grateful we have an ac unit. That has been my best friend.
This is our mission presidents last transfer so it a couple weeks we will have a new president. That should be interesting I'm excited but also sad to lose president low. As well we heard that the border might open soon, that would pretty sweet as we are a little short staffed over here. But yea things are going good I'm having a blast over here j'espère que tout le monde va bien aussi. Lâche pas le 🥔
Also here is a photo of the squand frère bolduc et provost:


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