February 16, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Braithwaite

Hey everybody

Hey everybody hows it hanging?? Everything is going well here in Montréal, I honestly wasn't going to write a weekly then I saw a guy smoking a bong at the laundromat so I had to tell someone about it. We even talked to him a bit he was pretty nice probably a little crazy. Il put a photo below 👇

Other than that things have been going well we find so many people here but half of them get dropped by the end of the week, dommage. Me and Elder Braithwaite are just usually running around trying to meet people who want bibles its really hard to plan because we don't really have a car so metro life 🚇. 
We are teaching this one guy who is super hardcore Lutheran and he knows the bible really well, so its difficult to teach him because he is very set on his own beliefs but he really does want to be in the proper church so he has a fairly open mind. But he is probably our most progressing friend.
Something interesting that happened this week is along with all the stuff we do I found a way to start convo's with people who I know are Christians in a normal way. And we had a lesson with one of them last night he lives in Camaroon Africa. He was not interested he tried to bash with us, Elder Braithwaite destroyed him with revaltions then we dipped.
We also had the opportunity to drive to Ottawa to trade cars with these two Elders, we also made a stop at Taco Bell, it was definitely a highlight of my week, that and I was able to watch the legend himself Gilles Martel get baptised, I taught that man for like 8 months then got transfered out 🤭, but it was super cool to watch. Thats all for me I hope everyone has a good week peace ✌.
1. Us looking at taco bell2. Taco 🔔 3. Snowpants + bong = good times4. I guess we speak english now...5. Street


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