February 3, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Lacy

Rip Drummondville

👋 Salut tout le monde! 👋
Hey everybody I hope everyone is living the dream. Things are going well for me here in Drummondville. Some news I got is that I will finally be leaving my first area, my next assignment is in the city of Montréal its a area called Hochelaga. My new area covers a big part of Montréal and it recently absorbed another area called Valleyfield. Vallehfield is a area that all of my past comps have served in so thats interesting. But yea I'm super excited to change areas but I am sad to leave Drummondville behind 😕 😢.  
Something funny that happened recently is that I had to tell one of our amis that I had to leave, and he doesn't quite understand why missionary's change places and he was low-key getting upset that I was leaving him and that I wouldn't be able to talk with him anymore it was funnier than it sounds probably because he was speaking in English and its super broken. 
Anyways other news it that we kinda have someone on date our friend Mance said she wants to be baptised in September! So thats pretty wild as well we are going to pick a date with our friend Line tommorow so I hope that goes well.
Anyways I don't have much time because I have to pack up my whole life but another cool thing that happened recently is we were able to find an excuse to go and see the goat himself Gille, our friend who will be baptised next month. So that was the first time I have met him in person and I have been teaching him for seven months. Its crazy because I don't think he would have ever been baptised our taught as much if it wasn't for covid. He has no car and lives very far from church, we developed relationships with members and missionaries quickly through zoom meetings and family home evenings. Its super cool to see the work of the lord continue on despite covid. Anyways have a good week everyone 🤟
1. Gilles the 🐐 2. Elder Foster trying to skate3. Us sharing amis with our friends


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