January 26, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Lacy

Mnt Arthabaska ??

Salut tout le gang I hope everyone is doing super duper. Its been a hot minute so I'll do my best here. So things have been super good here in Drummondville its still the best area in the mission... until I get transfered. But me and Elder Foster have been super busy this last week we had 25 lessons in one week so that was a little crazy. As well we have made some fire content of course.
Something fun that we were able to do last p-day is we left our zone to go on a hike in a town called Victoriaville because there is like no mountains within about a 1 hour radius of us lol. So that was cool we just went exploring, and of course taking cool pictures.
Something cool that happened is that we found a new person her name is Mance ans she is like this 70 year old lady with a ton of energy and she is soooo funny. Its like nearly impossible not to laugh when she talks, last night we had a lesson with her and she was looking for her book of mormon for like ten minutes and when she found it she got so hyped it was soooo funny!
So something cool that has happened recently is this month we set a goal to have two people on date and we have one, its our friend Gilles his super cool and super funny. And the other is VERY close as in it will probably happen tonight so we have hâte for that. But yea its cool to see our hard work paying off and its cool to see the goals that we set being reached.
Anywho I hope everyone is doing well, don't get covid or do drugs bye là 👋
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