January 12, 2021


Montreal, , Canada


Elder Lacy


Hey everybody hows it everyone doing? Things are still gréàt here in Drummondville! Me and my companion Elder Foster have been grinding, we have been so busy. Its kinda hard to write these emails and add photos because we are pretty much just in our house teaching all day so forgive me. But something that interesting here is in Québec there is a full lockdown going on so we can't go shopping for anything except for groceries. And we are not allowed to be outside or driving around after 8pm. Most of that doesn't really change anything that we do except now church is canceled and all baptisms have to be pushed back 😯. 
But enough of that... this week Elder Foster started to write a song with another elder in our mission and we will probably make a music video for it and post it on our Facebook page so that should be super cool. As well me and elder foster are going to set up this live on Facebook where we will interview a member in our ward who is in a band and he will also show off some of his music so that should be suuuper cool.
We had a cool experience last night when we were digging through our areabook trying to find people have have been taught in the past or who have been contacted in the past. And if you don't know this is not my favorite thing to do, anyways so we spent nearly an hour calling people and nobody was answering so we decided to say a quick prayer that we might be able to find someone to teach from this activity. After that I was looking through our areabook at all of the names and one stood out to me so we called it and she answered, was super nice, has a family and we set up a lesson with her this Saturday! So that was really cool to see that with our efforts are prayers were answered almost immediately 🙏 
Anyways that all I really have for y'all I hope everyone is having a good ski season ⛷ bye là!
1. My dad and my grandpa wishing me a happy birthday 🎂 🥳 
2. Cool pic
3. Not sure what was happening in this call but it was funny 😄 


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