August 12, 2020




Elder Lacy

1st transfer down ???

Heyyo my people lots happend and I haven't written one of these for a little bit. So last week we were going to pick up a meal and the lady kept saying something something else over the phone we were not sure what she was talking about. Turns out she was saying we were also going to be picking blueberries so now we have sooo many blueberries ha. Also while we were out in there garden I found a snake trying to eat a frog which was pretty interesting. Also later in that same week we went to help out these random people who just called the church and they were super cool and funny and they are in a band. Also they had a cat that like to sit in a stroller so which was funny. Also we went and had a district p-day which was fun we went on a hike and it was raining the entire time but it was still super hot, confusing.We have been teaching a bunch of people which is awesome, this week we taught a guy named gille and we listened to him for probably three hours, he had the thickest quebecquoi I've heard yet, literally I understood almost nothing unless it was what we were teaching so good times. Anyways I hope everyone is doing well stay happy and healthy see yall 
1. Bleuets2. Snake vs frog3. Baby cat + bud light in the corner (classy)4. P-day river thing5. Weed hacker tied to a pole with a block of wood jammed on the trigger, thought it was worth mentioning...


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