July 21, 2020




Elder Lacy

L'heure de l'église!

Salut mes amis! Another week down this one went by so fast so I will do my best to sum it up. This week we were able to have church which was super cool there was only allowed to be like 25 people in the building so that was a little bit of a bummer. It was super funny because everytime someone would finish speaking or finish saying a prayer the bishop would get up and clean off the speaker and the table and it took super long every time he went up to do it. Something new here is that we have to wear masks when we are in a public building. Anyway enough of that Something else that is cool that's going on is we found a bunch of new people that we can teach and we are going to be busy this next week teaching them. Also I had my first zone conference. It was super cool, there were a lot of great lessons that people taught and it was cool to see all the missionaries, there is a new missionary from Edmonton that just came up and he is right next to me which is funny. Another interesting thing that happened is we got locked out of our apartment and we had to climb in through our back window, I do have a photo of that. Anyway that is all for this week hope you all are doing well and stay safe!
1. Photo that I found of me when I first got to the mission2. My comp playing some weird native flute thing3. Mask time4.mistakes were made...


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