July 17, 2019


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Valladares

Mission Week 100

Hello everyone!

This week was another great and successful week, even though the entire week we were struggling to find new investigators. It wasn`t until Saturday we found a very awesome family who is ready for the Gospel! We were so discourage, because we were not finding anything, but the lord saw our efforts and blessed us with His Elect:) When we taught the sister on Saturday, she told us that she was married and that she had a daughter of 16. We taught them both and invited them to baptism. After the invitation, the mom told us that she had never been baptized and had always wanted to do it. She then asked us when and we said the 28 of July!!! And if you think that that was the miracle, then I will tell you that the next day she came on her own in her car to church with her eight-month-old baby. We`re going to work very hard with this family, because she showed a lot of faith yesterday! :)

So, to answer your question about the family that is getting sealed, I don`t know if i will get to see it. They had a date but it fell. I talked to the Bishop last week and he said that he is working with them and that they will get sealed in the near-by future, but i don`t know if I will be here. But at least they`re getting sealed :) Also, I bought a few souvenirs today, so you don`t have to worry about that anymore. Oh and before I forget, the Taco Bell was soooo gooood! they only have one Taco Bell in Panama and today I went there after not eating it for a year! :)
Anyways, what i have for the week is basically it; not a whole lot of other things happened worth mentioning. Just want to add my testimony that i know that this work is of the Lord and He will lead us to those that he has prepared according to our obedience to His commandments. I know that the Restoration of the Gospel was a literal event and that through it, we have the fullness of the Everlasting Gospel on the Earth! I love ya`ll!

The one and only,
Elder Overall

PS- Juan from the other area goes to a different church building, but he counts as our baptism, because there are no missionaries in that area. To answer the question of the Mission President doing interviews is no. I don`t know when he will be doing those. Also, SEE YOU ALL IN TWO WEEKS!!!
Dairy Queen! The perks of being in the city.
There are many paintings like this of popular movies from America.


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