January 6, 2019


Playon Chico, San Blas Islands , Panama


Elder Hernandez

Mission Week 72

December 31, 2018

Nueganbi guenacan!!!! Happy New Years!!! I can´t believe we are coming on 2019! That is ridiculous; I have no idea where the time is going. So, this week has been really great with Christmas, comp´s birthday (I don´t have a picture. sorry), and ending the week with one baptism which was such a great service! her name is Genesis and she accepted the Gospel so fast! We literally met her the Thursday we got back from the city for the Christmas mission conference and invited her to church. She came and then this week she progressed so well that she got baptized yesterday! :) She´s a really awesome convert; I´m super excited that the Lord had her prepared for us to bring unto Him. We actually had two other baptisms planned, but they fell at the literal last minute. We came to one who said that the father from the city told him that he didn´t have permission and the other one had a baby who was sick. We are going to keep working with them for this next week! vamos a ver.

Christmas was cool! Like I said, we weren´t really focusing on teaching a lot, mostly just teaching about the Savior and the Christmas story. We also ate really good soup that a member made us! The next day was my companion´s birthday. It was cool, because he bought a cake and we were sharing it with a lot of people. It felt like a cool charitable thing to do. I have been giving away some candies too (not all of them tho ;) For the week we had five baptisms planned and we were working really hard with all of them, so that they could be ready for Sunday. However, they had a few challenges, so we´re going to keep working for this next week! It was a little stressful, because we wanted to complete our goal of 7 baptisms in the month, but it´s ok with the four baptisms that we had! :) The work still goes on, because the Lord is the One who is leading us. Then, Sunday as you already know was the baptism. Man, it was awesome, because we rented a motor boat and we went to this small island to do the service. It´s really beautiful :) :) It was also cool, because we had a young man do the baptism who is preparing to serve a mission, so we gave him experience! Then, we went through the rest of the day waiting for our transfers. It turns out Elder Hernandez is getting transferred to Irgandi! I will be staying and receiving Elder Williams. I know him, he´s pretty cool with me! And I think they told me correctly that I will be the District Leader, so we´ll see how that goes. We don´t do district meetings here, just take the daily report. It will be an interesting change and new start of the year! :)

Yeah so that´s my week! I´m thankful for each and everyone of you and for being such a big impact in my life! I know that next year will be spectacular for each and every one of you!

See you next year!
Elder Overall


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