June 10, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Mission Week 42

June 4, 2018

Dear Familia Sobretodo,

To first answer Jillene`s question, Sobretodo means Overall in Spanish! If you want to feel cool with all your Latino friends, all you gotta say is that name and you`ll receive respect haha! Also, guess what?!!! Elder Call and I finished out the change yesterday with two baptisms with this great family! FINALLY!! We have had some tough times, but these two lost sheep have come to the fold :) Sadly, we finished off the transfer and Elder Call left, but I received a new companion Elder Varela from Idaho. Yeah he knows more English than Spanish haha! But yeah, I`m here for another change and we`ll see comes of it! Our goal for this month is 8 baptisms and we are going to bring the fire ;)

This week started out really busy. We did divisions with another area on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we both went to the zone leader`s area to work. It was ridiculous, because they work in a poor area called Kuna Nega and we were literally teaching lesson after lesson every 15 minutes , because they were all next to each other! I learned that energy is what drives a successful missionary, so I enjoyed it very much! Then after that day we kept making sure our baptisms Yarlenis and Yuseidis were ready for baptism. We reviewed with them all the lessons and they told us that they were excited! Yarlenis is 19 and she`s really awesome, because she wants to go to school before getting a relationship and Yuseidis is 8 and is the niece. She was always asking us when she could get baptized! Well, there ya have it!

It`s also a crazy month, because we are setting a goal to baptize 400 in June, so we have to do everything we can to make that goal possible. My companion and I have set the goal for 8 and we already have two down! We are praying hoping for success in our efforts.

Well, I don`t know what else to say, other than Elder Call and I had mixed emotions about changes, but all things happen for a purpose in the Lord! Love you all and wish the best for you all! Please be excellent to each other!

Yours truly,
Elder Sobretodo (Ya sabes Jillene ;))

PS- I`m curious about how the NBA Finals are going and how the D Backs are doing

Sorry about photos.... Next week I promise to send them and I promise to buy an adapter. I have honestly have been so lazy to do that haha. Repentance is real


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