December 17, 2022


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Elder Vasquez

Christmas Miracles

Feliz Navidad! I can't believe Christmas is in a week! In good Santa Cruz fashion, the Christmas lights are just barely getting put up around the city.

This week was so filled with miracles! So many things that shouldn’t have worked out, but totally did. God is a God of miracles lemme tell ya. I’ll just share two of the many miracles from this week…

So we were in Trinidad for the Christmas zone conference. Super cool! After we finished the conference in a nice restaurant, my companion and I had to go back to the church to get our stuff (funny story why our suitcases were at the church hehe). Anyways we got there at around 10:15 at night and the church was locked. So while we waited for some other elders to come open the church up this dude pulls up in a truck and tells us to get in. We're smart so obviously we got in the truck. It turned out to be this really cool member who told us the COOLEST conversion story, also filled with miracles! People here are dreamers. It's awesome. Well at around 10:50 no one had showed up, so we called a couple different elders and long story short everyone was sleeping… so we had no clue what to do. All the elders houses were way far away.

Then the cool member dude says “Elders I'm gonna be honest, I literally own a hotel” and just bursts out laughing. We let president know, and we ended up staying the night at this members hotel for free! In the morning he made us breakfast and then drove us back to the church while telling us other cool dreams he’s had. We kind of felt bad because the rest of the elders were either sleeping on floors or sleeping about 3 to a bed, but we slept like kings! So crazy that a really nice member who happens to own a hotel would find us at 10:30 at night in the streets.

Also his hotel is called Hotel Alma :)

Other miracle! Last Sunday the stake presidency totally destroyed all the ward leaders in ward council. The whole year this ward has had one convert baptism… and none of the leaders even knew who she was. Well our boy Matias told us he wants to get baptized! We're hoping that it’ll be able to work out this Saturday on Christmas Eve wooo and hopefully get the ward hyped about missionary work! Prayers for Matias por favor!

I invite you all to ponder this week about the miracle of the birth and life of our Savior Jesus Christ, and most importantly how that miracle can help you today!

Feliz Navidad! Light the world!

Elder Barker


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