September 27, 2021


Brunswick, Georgia


Elder Alekisanita Molisi

Goodbye Georgia

Hello! What a week! This week was filled with lots of driving, goodbyes, and spiritual experiences of course. It's crazy to think this was my last week here in the states for a while. I've loved being here in Brunswick Georgia and I'm so thankful for all the people I've met, and lessons I've learned! It's been awesome to get to experience what a mission is like in the states, and especially in the south. It's been great! This week it started to cool down outside and the weather was reallyyy nice, so I decided it's a perfect time to get outta here and head south where it's just starting to heat up!

I had the opportunity to go to the Orlando temple this week! On Wednesday Elder Molisi and I drove down to Fernandina Beach to stay the night with 4 other elders, so we'd be closer to the mission office in the morning. Let me tell ya a 6 elder sleep over is pretty fun! The next morning 3 of us drove to the mission office to meet up with 20 other departing missionaries along with President and Sister Wood. It was such an amazing experience to roadtrip to the temple with so many incredible people! I truly love them all. Being at the temple was of course so so incredible. There is such a sweet spirit in the house of the Lord that can't be found anywhere else! There was so much that I learned, and it was exactly what I needed in this crazy time.

One thing I was reminded of this week was how aware Heavenly Father is of our every care. He knows us perfectly, and knows everything that is going on and causing worries. He is right there with us through it all! It's comforting to me to know that an all powerful God is in my corner always. I promise that if you look, you will be able to see God's helping hand in your life!

Besides the temple trip we've just been trying to get as much chick fil a as I can before I leave, and helping the people of Brunswick. We've made some great relationships with people, and we have some friends who are really progressing and growing closer to their Savior! It's awesome to see the gospel start to bless these incredible peoples lives.

Don't forget about General Conference this weekend! How incredible that we get to hear from the prophet and apostles called by God. I love y'all and appreciate all the love and support! God bless!

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker

~post-pickleball rejuvenation
~pickleball towel from Ethyl
~6 elder morning pump
~pit stop at the jaguars stadium
~selfie with the temple
~such a cool temple!
~last day at the farm
~found my jeep
~cool sunrise
~cool pond
~the district!
~funeral pic or something?


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