December 16, 2019




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Sankta Lucia

Hey everyone! It has been a way fun week filled with Swedish traditions!

On Friday we had "Sankta Lucia" which isn't really Swedish originally... apparently it comes from Italy but the Swedish king went to Italy a long time ago and thought it was cool so they started it in Sweden! Anyways, it's awesome! Basically there's a lady that was a saint and they basically remember her death every year. In pretty much every church they have a choir and sing classic Swedish Christmas songs!

Other highlights of the week include:

On Saturday we had a mission wide challenge called "Lys Upp Lördag" and it was a huge success! The challenge was basically to see how many Light the World cards we could give out and see how many new people we could find in one single day! As a mission we were able to give out 2359 cards, find 20 potential people and got more than 15 new people to teach in a single day! Pretty neat stuff :)

We also had a ton of lessons this week. And we had some miracles while finding!  On Saturday, we were out trying to give out as many cards and find as many people as possible, but no one was home and no one was out. We were kind of confused where all the people went, but we felt like we should go by some returning members that lived a little farther away, but we decided to go anyway.

We just prayed and prayed that they would be home, and our prayer was answered! They invited us right in and we got to know them and their two little sons and we got to share the Christ Child video.  The sons loved it so much and when it ended they were a little grumpy and said "I wanted it to be longer..." It was adorable and we invited them to our Christmas program next week!

Then while we were in the same area we decided to go by a guy that has been taught before.  We knocked on his door and he let us right in! We showed him the Christ Child video as well and he wants to come to church next week and even wants a church tour beforehand! Christmas miracles are real!

The true meaning of Christmas can really be taught with amazing spiritual power and I realized that this week as we taught so many people about the true meaning of Christmas.  A lot of people wonder why Christ's birth was so significant, but if we look at the world around us we can start to understand.  Everything in our world in some way or another has been touched or influenced by Christianity. If one man could have such a profound influence on earth, do you think it might be worth it to learn a little bit about what He did and why He did it?? Luckily the gospel gives us simple answers to these questions.  He made it possible for us all to come back to our heavenly home by taking our sins upon Himself - or in other words, paying the penalty for our sins.  The reason He did it is because He lived what He taught.  He loved his Heavenly Father and He loves us.  I have come to know that it is through Jesus Christ that we find true and lasting happiness. He is the one that fills us when we feel empty.

I hope that you all have an amazing week and eat lots of Christmas cookies.  Please pray for our goal of getting 27 non members and 20 returning members in church this next week!

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