November 25, 2019




Äldste Sherwood


Hey everyone! We had an amazing week :)

The biggest highlight was Hui and Anna's baptism! It went so well :) The ward was super involved and loves them so much.  My favorite part of the whole program though was when the Dad, Martin, gave a talk.  He talked about how he was baptized 2 years ago and how it has been hard for him to believe because in China they grow up without even thinking about God. He expressed his joy for having been baptized and how happy he was that his family is getting baptized and that they can continue to progress in the gospel together! Even though he spoke through broken Swedish you could feel of his love for his family and for the gospel, it was so amazing to hear and made my heart so happy :) The baptism went beautifully and Anna and Hui had a bunch of family there :) There was such an amazing spirit there and to close it all off we had Wuang (one of the people we are teaching who is considering baptism) say the closing prayer and it was amazing!! Afterwards, he said that it was a step forward for him :) The ward is so happy and excited and are inviting Hui, Anna and Martin to their homes for FHE and everything! :) Our ward is amazing!!

On Sunday we had the confirmation and it was amazing as well.  We got to participate and the spirit was so strong but yet calming at the same time. It was so cool. Martin is also going to get the priesthood next week :) My heart is filled with so much love for this family and for how far they have come.  Sharing the gospel gives so much joy to both those that receive it and those that share it. 

It's been a crazy week preparing for the baptism and everything but here is another miracle from this last week! 
On Wednesday we had planned to take the Roslagsbana (a train) and contact people on it, so we drove to the church and started walking to the station. Then I realized that I forgot my wallet which had my bus card... I felt pretty dumb but we decided that we could swing by a returning member that lives within walking distance from the church so we went by but realized that the building had a port code. We gave it a few tries, as everyone does, but to no avail. We were about to head back to the car, but decided to give it one last try and we guessed. It almost felt like my fingers were guided as I typed in a code and all of a sudden *click* it unlocks. Totally surprised, we went in and realized that we were there for a reason! We went up to the top and started going down. It was around 1 o'clock so not many people were home. There were only two people that answered actually. The first was an older woman but once she saw who we were she just shut the door. We got to the returning member's door, but she didn't answer either. The door right next to the returning member's door caught our eye, so we knocked on it and a woman came out and recognized us immediately and told us how she loves the church and how the sister missionaries used to visit her and her kids also love the church and everything. We taught her at the doorstep, gave her a GDPR notice and she said that she was going to come to church on Sunday! She ended up being busy with taking care of some of her kids' stuff and she is busy this week but we can come back next Sunday before church.  

The Lord really does guide us in the little things as well as the big things.  Sometimes He guides us by having us forget our wallets and having to change something but everything happens according to His wisdom.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week! 

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