November 18, 2019




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Hello everyone! I hope that you've all had a great week. 

This week we had so many miracles, oh my goodness! To start off, here are some highlights of the week:

MLC - MLC was awesome. We had everyone stay at our place which is always an adventure, and we had an amazing council the next day. We talked a lot about our time as missionaries and how we can use it more effectively.  President Youngberg emphasized our use of prime time hours and how we can need to use those hours to find people to teach. I thought that Elder Sherwood and I were doing a pretty good job at it, but as we've been trying to schedule dinners and appointments with members later in the night, we have had a bunch of miracles!

Another thing that we talked about at MLC was the new missionary handbook that came out last Friday! IT IS AMAZING.  This handbook is a lot more principle based, meaning that it doesn't focus so much on the rule but rather the principle behind it.  It leaves more freedom for the missionaries to decide things and helps missionaries focus more on continually over a lifetime becoming a disciple of Christ rather than just being a missionary for 2 years.  Even if you're not a missionary, you should go read it cause it's way good. There are principles in there that bless everyone's lives!

Lastly, we talked about Light the World coming up! It's crazy that November is already half over.  I am so pumped for light the world, oh my goodness! Here in Sweden the sun sets around 3:15 and rises at 7:45 so light the world kind of has a real meaning here. I'm excited to help members and non members all come together in a spirit of unity and share the light that comes from the true meaning of Christmas!

Another highlight of the week was that I got to go on exchanes with Elder Merrel.  It was an interesting split because:

1. Elder Merrel is an office elder so I got to order travel, fix problems with bus cards, order Book of Mormons and lots of other exciting things!

2. We live in the same apartment so it didn't really feel like exchanges at all - haha.  Elder Merrel is awesome though and we had a great time! 

Like I said we had a ton of miracles this last week and here are just a few!

Hui and Anna are doing amazing. We had our lesson with them on Friday, had the baptismal interview on Saturday and then had another lesson with them at the Bishop's house last night. They are doing great and are excited to get baptized! It's amazing to see the impact that they have had on their family. The dad is coming more often than ever before and you can just feel the difference in the home and in each of them :) We also started teaching Carina's (Anna's cousin that also comes to church and everything) Mom and she is also interested in getting baptized after Hui and Anna's baptism!! Blessings! I have to give a shout out to the members here in Täby.  The member that referred Anna and Hui has been visiting them for a year and reading the scriptures with them every week.  A year ago she asked the missionaries to pray for them and now they are getting baptized this Saturday!!

We had another cool experience where we swung by a returning member and the parent wasn't home but the son that is also a returning member was home and he invited us right in! He showed us his drums real quick and we got to know him and before we left we asked, "Can we practice a 5 minute lesson on you?" He accepted and we taught him the restoration. After the lesson he just said that it was super powerful and even gave us some tips. He said to focus on the joy that JUST the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has. It was pretty cool to hear :) We are going to try and get their family to the baptism on Saturday!!  

We were able to meet another returning member family and the family loves the church! We met them and the only problem for them is that the mom works on Sundays but the son wants to start coming back to church and loves all the activities and everything.  We are so excited for him! 

This week I really caught a glimpse of how important members are in missionary work.  I feel ike I've worked well with members in past areas but I've never worked so well with a ward than here in Täby, and it really feels like we are one with the members and it's amazing to experience it.  I love this ward so much!

I was also able to give a talk yesterday in church which was exciting.  I got to talk about my favorite subject: Missionary work! Here are a few thoughts from that. Before I got up to speak, we sang the hymn: "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" and a new thought came to me.  Where can I turn for peace is a question that everyone asks themselves throughout their lives.  As I've grown up in the church I have always known the answer: Jesus Christ is who we turn to. We are blessed to know the answer to this question, but there are so many people around us that don't know the answer and would do anything for it.  As members we can be the ones who show them where true peace is found.  We can do it by simply being what we believe and by extending simple invitations to family and friends. 

Here are also some tips for doing missionary work:

1. Dare to pray for opportunities to share the gospel.

2. Do something that will improve your relationship with those around you - they will feel of your light!

3. Invite others to your home.

4. Participate in Light the World.  This is the most normal and natural time to do missionary work! Do the daily service prompts and invite others to do the same! Also please share the new Christ Child video because it will touch people's hearts!

I love you all and have an awesome week!
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