November 11, 2019




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Build on the rock of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ

Hey everyone! It's been an exciting week!

This week I had to say goodbye to Elder Youngberg which was really sad. He is an amazing missionary and I've learned SO MUCH from him and I miss him a lot, but Elder Sherwood and I get along really well and we have already had some good times!

On Tuesday we picked up all the new missionaries! They are a great group and have way good Swedish! We got to get to know them and did some good role plays. It's way fun helping and teaching the new missionaries! On Wednesday they all got their trainers and that's when we said goodbye to Elder Youngberg.

After that, our week has been crazy busy! We have been going to and from teaching appointments introducing Elder Sherwood to all the people we're teaching and its been a great time! Elder Sherwood is an amazing teacher and is so good at connecting with the people we are teaching and the ward here!

Also Anna and Hui are doing great and are going to have their baptismal interview on Saturday and are planning on getting baptized on the 23rd! They are also helping me with my Chinese :)

Some cool experiences from this last week:

We met with Wuang (the guy that we met last week and had a way good lesson with) and talked more about baptism. He has been praying and thinking about baptism and he feels like he is just missing something. As we read some scriptures he realized that he just needs more faith and we discussed about how he can build his faith and he is taking steps! He came to church and even brought his friend! 

The other was last night. We did not have much time to find this week because we were teaching so much. However, last night we were going by some people that have been taught by missionaries before and we ran into the spouse of someone who has been taught before. He was a man from China, so I dropped a few phrases and then we explained who we are and what we do and were able to come in and teach him! We set up a time to meet him again on Saturday with his spouse! It was a miracle! 

Other highlights from this week include:

Elder Sherwood's birthday!! We celebrated by getting pizza and making cookies. I also got him an inflatable hug (pics included). It was a good day.

We also played basketball with President today! He is way good and it was way fun to play with the Gubbängen and Jakobsberg Elders. We have amazing missionaries in our mission!

Life is good, although adjusting to change is always hard, but I have come to know that in a world of so much change and chance there is one rock on which we can build and always be safe, and that is the rock of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Have an amazing week!

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