October 7, 2019




Caden Youngberg

Baptisms, Temples and Chinese

Hello everyone!

This week was another miracle filled week!! Where to start?

Well, our 9 year old friend Isabella got baptized and confirmed yesterday!! Everything worked out with getting permission and the baptism was so good! The Bishop, us and her family were there and even though there weren't many people there, the spirit was still so strong :) She was so happy afterwards as she received the Holy Ghost as her constant companion and friend. 

We also got two more baptismal dates this last week with the mom and daughter of the part member family! They are set for Nov 2nd! The lesson went so well, the member has already taught them everything and we taught the restoration and it is so cool to see how they have gone from not believing in God to believing in Him! It truly is small and simple things that make our faith strong. They watched General Conference as a family and we're excited to hear their thoughts on everything!

We also had exchanges this last week and I got to be with a new missionary! Elder Peterson is his name and he has been out a week but is super good at Swedish already! We had a good day just talking with a bunch of people, teaching and having a good time.  We had some cool experiences! We had a lesson with a woman and Elder Peterson had shared a cool experience with me earlier that morning and in the lesson it felt like I needed to ask Elder Peterson to share it, so he fearlessly told the whole experience in Swedish with super good grammar and pronunciation! The gift of tongues is so real! We had a great day together and he is also so funny, it was a blast :) 

Other highlights of the week include planting flowers at the temple!! It was way fun to see familiar missionary faces and I even learned some Chinese while I was there and I got to use it in our lesson with the part member family that night! I told them "ni shi wo de peng you" - "you are my friend" and they loved it. One of the sisters knows Chinese and since we are teaching some Chinese people I made her teach me a little, in case you were wondering haha. 

Can we also talk about General Conference as well?? I knew from the first talk that the whole conference was going to be amazing. And it was. My favorite parts of the conference were, of course, Elder Holland's talk about keeping our focus on Christ because it really can be so easy to get distracted with everything in life.  We can get so caught up in work, school, phones, whatever it may be that we don't take the time to pause and think about life and Christ.  Everything is so fast paced these days that it gives so much peace to have a moment of prayer or scripture study! Focusing on Christ also helps us in our service in the church! It helps us understand the why of what we are doing and allows us to do it in a Christlike way.  I plan on focusing more on Christ as I serve and am excited to see what the blessings are. I also loved the emphasis on how we have to be committed to the gospel! When we are baptized, we make a covenant to always take Christ's name upon us.  He doesn't ask us to be perfect, but he asks us to have the intent of following Him and serving him! Such good stuff!! I'm excited to watch the last session this week!!

Elder Youngberg and I are continuing to be blessed and thank you all for the prayers, they are felt every single day!

Have a great week!
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