September 9, 2019




Caden Youngberg

Craziest week ever

Hello everyone! I really don't have much time but this has been one of the craziest weeks of my mission and probably my life haha.

Highlights of the week:

- As I said last week, DAVID ARCHULETA CAME! He is a legend! His concerts were so good and the members LOVED IT! SO MUCH! It was also way fun for the missionaries! We helped out with pretty much everything:  setting up chairs and tables, giving out drinks, translation, spotlights, you name it.  He did two concerts on Saturday and for the first one we helped out with passing out translation stuff so we got to sit on the front row! Let me just tell you, he is even better live than on spotify and stuff. Wow.  He shared his life story with going on American Idol and leaving it all behind to serve a mission and then continuing his career. He also shared a bunch of thoughts about overcoming self doubt and stuff.  It was amazing.  So yeah, we felt blessed to get front row seats, but then we also got to be his bouncers in a way.  We got to stand right by him and hurried people along as they took pictures and greeted him and everything.  It was so cool hahaha.  So yeah, we're basically tight with him now. (pics are coming) He has two more concerts in Sweden and we are going to be there for one more of them! I'm hyped.  It was also a great missionary experience! A random guy just walked in and we were able to give him a Book of Mormon and connected him with the missionaries in his area!

- We also had 2 Zone Conferences this last week that were amazing! It was way fun to be able to present about using key indicators to set weekly and daily goals and get lots of ideas from all of the missionaries! They are amazing. It was also fun to see all the familiar faces and learn a bunch. We have two more this week so pray for us :)

- A huge miracle that happened this last week was that in the middle of ward council the Bishop told us that there is someone that needs to be baptized! There is a 9 year old girl that didn't have permission from her mom to be baptized until this last week! The Dad is super pumped and we are going to teach her the lessons and she is going to be baptized in 2 weeks :) We had our first lesson yesterday and it was so special to teach her and have her dad be involved and everything. It had a different spirit with it, it was so cool. 

- We also had exchanges and I got to be with Elder Sherwood! He is an amazing missionary and we had a fun day together taking trains and getting lost and lots of other fiascos, but it was a fun time! We also taught a super good lesson together!

I have a testimony that this church is true.  Something we talked about in Zone Conferrence this last week was how the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation have all the answers.  They may not have ALL the answers but they have all the answers we need.  All our questions about the gopsel really come back to 4 main questions - Is there a God and is Jesus Christ our Savior? Is the Book of Mormon true? Was Joseph Smith a true prophet? and Is there a living prophet on the earth today? If we can answer these 4 primary questions then it will answer all of the secondary questions or the secondary questions won't matter.  I have a testimony that there is a God and that his son, Jesus Christ, is our Savior.  They both love us more than we can imagine and we can know that they are there through prayer.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and helps us come closer to God. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and restored the Lord's church on the earth today.  He really saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I also know that he restored Christ's authority and that authority exists today through a modern day prophet to lead and guide us named Russell M. Nelson! He also turned 95, so that's exciting and congratulations to him!

I love you all! Life is good :)
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