August 19, 2019




Caden Youngberg

Living on a prayer

Hey everyone!

So I have a little more time this week which is good because it has been a CRAZY week! Where to even start? Also I have learned so much this last week and my faith has grown so much it's amazing!

So last week when I got here to Täby I got lunch with President and Sister Youngberg and they gave me a bunch of advice (which was very much needed) and I Iearned so much wow. Then I had P-Day with the Assistants and the Proselyting Office Elders and had a meeting with President and the senior couples figuring out how to organize picking up all the new missionaries for the next day! We set up a good plan and everything was set!

Also Äldste Youngberg is my new companion which is super fun cause we were in the same MTC group! 2 people in a row from my MTC group! I love it.  We have been having such a fun time and laughing a ton! I'm excited for our time together!!

The next morning we got a text in the morning saying that the new missionaries' plane got delayed by 10 hours which meant that they would be coming in at the same time as all of the trainers were coming in... So that made for a slight problem with our original plans but it also meant that we had extra time to try and find people!!

Elder Youngberg, Elder Dumas (the assistant going home) and I decided that we should set a goal to find a nice Swedish family! This was Elder Dumas' last day so we had a little extra fire to help us achieve it! We ended up not having the most time to go out and find this family as we thought, but we had about 45 min so we went out with faith! We decided that it would be best to go to a park and look for a mom with a stroller.  We got to the park and there were not as many people there as we had hoped... We tried talking to a few people but they weren't really willing to talk :( We thought to go to a different area but as we were walking back to the car Elder Youngberg said "Hey, is it okay if we go up this little path?" The path led up to a little neighborhood and we knocked on a few doors.  After a few minutes we were led to a different path and at the end of it was a mom sitting on the grass next to a stroller so we went up and talked with her! Her baby was asleep so we ended up having the whole conversation while whispering but we were able to testify of how the gospel blesses families and she said that we could come back and teach her more! Fast forward a few days (sadly Elder Dumas had gone home at this point) and Elder Youngberg and I were able to come back and teach her on her patio and we are planning on coming back this week! She also has 3 little kids and they're adorable!

Anyways, so the new missionaries did eventually get in (after many struggles) and it was so cool to meet them and feel their energy even with all the jet lag! It made me think of my first day and it was so weird to experience it from the other side! We were running around the airport for a little bit, but luckily everything worked out and all the missionaries are with their trainers and in their areas now :)

I was also able to see all the missionaries going home!! That means that I got to see Elder Beckman, Young, Hansen, Fronk, Jarman and Prososki one last time.  They have made such an impact on me! It's crazy how fast time really goes.So yeah life has been very crazy but I am loving it! We have MLC tomorrow so I'm hyped!

One more quick miracle! We ended up doing service and having dinner with a returning member and she actually invited a person that we have been trying to work with so we had dinner with them and then taught them all about the Book of Mormon and they're going to read it! It was so cool to see how the spirit of a home adds so much! We're also going to teach him again on Tuesday :)

Thank you for all the prayers - they are much appreciated!! God really does answer them!

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