July 29, 2019




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Hey everyone!

So I don't have a ton of time, but we had an exciting week here in Norrköping! The summer is officially here and so things got pretty hot and all those who haven't left on vacation are all hoping for rain again.

The beginning of the week was a little crazy though because on Monday night we got to stay up until 11:30 to go pick up the Visby Elders so that we could have work overs! I got to be with Elder Jarman for his last exchange and we had such a good time! Elder Jarman and I just get along really well together and it was fun to just have that natural unity even though we were only together for a day.  We were able to meet two neat people that said we can come back and teach them.  One of them was a woman that had recently had a death in the family and we were able to testify of the Plan of Salvation and how the Book of Mormon can answer questions of the soul such as "why am I here?", "What happens after this life?" and "Did I exist before this life?" It was a good day.

That night we traveled into Stockholm and actually got to stay in the mission home for the day before Zone Conference! The Youngbergs were there waiting for us with dinner:) It was kind of a flash back though because we slept in the same beds that I slept in my first night in Sweden.  It's crazy how time goes by so fast and how much you can grow in such a small amount of time! It was a great exchange though and probably one of my favorites.  Elder Jarman goes home at the end of this transfer so I'm going to miss him :(

Zone Conference also happened!! It was a little different from other Zone Conferences we had.  We focused on the same kind of things from last Zone Conference: Keeping an attitude of finding at all times, using the Book of Mormon to answer questions of the soul and speaking Swedish as much as possible! It was way cool actually and we did lots of role plays which was fun! The Norrland Zone also came so there were lots of new faces and lots of people to meet! The missionaries in this mission really are the greatest!

That was probably the highlight of the week and other than that we had lots of time to find! Like I said the weather has been REALLY nice and we've been trying to contact people in parks and such! It's a good time. We've been able to meet with a few people that we're teaching and one of them even has a friend that wants to start meeting us! That's neat :)

Sorry not a lot of time but I just want to share the love I have for Jesus Christ and his gospel! Literally it fills me with so much joy to study and learn more and more and to continue to be better every day :) I love the Book of Mormon so much and it really does help me answer my questions and I'm so thankful that I get to go out with one in my hand everyday and offer this same joy to everyone! It's such a hard feeling to describe but it's just the greatest.

Have an amazing week everyone!
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