May 20, 2019




Sean Young

Ronald the Legend

Hey everyone!

I don't have a lot of time (big surprise) but I do have some neat stories for you.

We were able to meet up with Ronald again! We taught him in a youth center about prophets and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The lesson was going great and Ronald was just soaking it all in! We taught the points of faith and repentance, and then Ronald's friend came in.  They greeted each other and we asked his friend if she would want to sit down and talk with us.  She said "is this some kind of bible study or what?" then Ronald says "no, its faith study. Come and join!" She sat down with us and we got to know her background a little bit and she doens't believe in God or anything but was interested in what we had to say.  Ronald just started teaching her all the things that we had just taught him with his own personal testimony and everything! She disagreed with some stuff but then Ronald totally rekt her argument.  We were kind of just chilling during this interaction but now we know that Ronald understands what we're teaching him! Ronald is my hero.

Another neat story! Elder Young and I were doing some studies in the church but we felt like we needed to go out and find.  So we did! We felt like we should go to an area that we had been to before but we had already knocked on all the houses there.  Slightly confused, we discussed and decided to try an area a little more to the south.  We get there and it was not the kind of area we thought.  It was an outdoor gym with some walking paths.  We said a prayer to know if we were in the right place and we both felt like it was right and that we should maybe talk to people on the walking paths.  We tried talking to a few but they weren't interested.  At this time we were pretty close to the outdoor gym, but I was kind of trying to avoid it because I felt like it would be weird to contact people in the middle of working out.  Plus there was only one guy there. But Elder Young is FEARLESS and goes up and talks to this guy! It turns out that he is from Brazil and is very religious.  He goes to church in Stockholm every week (about a 40 minute car ride) because that's the only place that he has found that has church services in English.  We told him where our church was and that we have English translation if he would be interested.  It turns out that he lives way close to the church and is going to try and come next week! Moral of the story: Follow the spirit and talk to everyone.

This is the Lord's work! He knows each of his children perfectly and we are just the tools to help him in this marvelous cause. Here's a neat quote from President Spencer W. Kimball: "God does notice us, and He watches over us. But it is usually through another person that He meets our needs."

Also transfer calls happened and I'm staying in Södertälje! So is Elder Young! Yay!!

We also played soccer on Saturday with the ward! That was fun.

Have a great week!
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