April 22, 2019




Sean Young

Tuppe Snuppe

Life is still crazy here in Södertälje, but I love it.  We have been going full speed from task to task, but let me share some highlights from this last week!

On Tuesday we had MLC! Basically we just got to meet and talk about how our mission is doing and I got to see lots of familiar faces including ELDER BECKMAN! That is always a major highlight. I also saw Elder Burns from my group, Elder Moss my old district leader and just lots of other neat people! President Youngberg is such a wise man and I have a testimony that he receives the revelation for this mission.  

We also had exchanges with Norrköping this last week, and that was fun! I had to opportunity to go to Norrköping and be with Elder Radford.  Wow, what a guy.  He is KILLER at the piano and is just such a sincere guy who really means everything he says.  He has only been in Norrköping for a week but he was already able to lead us around, which was impressive. Norrköping is a beautiful city and the apartment is right in the middle of the city so there's a way cool view of a clock tower.  Sweden is pretty neat.

Miracle: We ended up meeting with a returning member who had just moved into the city and it turns out that he lived in Lund and I recognized him! He is an amazing guy and has such a love for the gospel! He is going to talk to the bishop there and work his way towards going to the temple where he can make more covenants with God! If you have any questions about what the temple is about check this out:

Yesterday was also Easter! What an amazing time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ :) I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He lives and because He lives, we can live again! Because of Him we don't have to be our mistakes and we can become clean through faith and repentance.  Isn't that amazing??

We celebrated Easter with some members on Friday and we had a little scavenger hunt to find the lost rooster "tuppe snuppe".  It was fun haha and it's always fun to be a part of family traditions! Also the family that we celebrated with is gifted with every instrument no joke so we got to hear them play some stuff and it was great!

I love you all and sorry that this email is kind of lame but me and Elder Young are working hard and trying to keep our heads above the water with all the things we are trying to do! Please pray for us :)

Love you all and have a great week!
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