March 25, 2019




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1 Year in Sweden :o

Hey everybody!

It was another great week here in the blessed city of Kungsbacka! Honestly, not a whole lot of exciting things happened, it was a pretty normal week. 

Some great things did happen though! We were able to do some service for our Bishop which was good.  We helped him clean up and throw away a bunch of branches :) Spring is basically here and it is wonderful! It has been about 5 degrees Celsius the whole week and even got up to 13 and flowers are starting to bloom and it's beautiful! We were also able to have a meeting with the counselor from the Elders Quorum who is over missionary work and then a meeting with the Bishop about how we can work better with the ward.  We got lots of insights about how we can encourage the ward to do ministering and missionary work! Working with ward and stake leaders is something that we're really trying to work on so this was a great step :)

Last Saturday was crazy.  We were basically rushing from appointment to appointment and trying to fit the other things we needed to do in the middle! We met with the older couple that me and Elder Beckman taught on splits.  Sadly they are no longer interested... We had a lesson with three returning members which was really good! We talked about how crazy and confusing the world around us is but how we can always look to the prophet to guide us and warn us! We committed them to watch General Conference in 2 weeks :) We also had dinner with Boris and his friend that I mentioned last week! It went really well! They had SO many questions so we taught them the restoration and then they still had more questions about the plan of salvation so we taught them about that as well! It made so much sense to them and answered questions Boris has had about a belief in God and a life after this for a long time. It was one of those moments where you're just thankful that you've had knowledge about the Plan of Salvation and all it entails! 

Along with the Plan of Salvation I've also thought a lot about the nature of our Heavenly Father.  I've learned that the more I learn about him the more everything else makes sense in the gospel! Prayer, the Plan of Salvation, the Atonement, Repentance, all of this is affected by our Father in Heaven. It is important for each of us to understand His attributes and His perfect love for us and that He is aware of each of our situations. If you haven't read the King Follet sermon by Joseph Smith then you totally should! I haven't even read the whole thing yet, but I've learned a ton!

Have a great week everyone! This week is going to fly by. We have splits and then Zone Conference!
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