January 28, 2019




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Gothenburg adventures pt 2

Hello everyone!

So we went to Gothenburg again which means that I don't have much time again... but I have pictures!

Kungsbacka is still so great and I love it here. I'm still learning the area and getting to know the people that we're working with and we have some elect people! We also do lots of work with returning members which is something that I have not done a whole lot of on my mission so I'm continuing to learn a lot!

We have received lots of snow which is always a blessing because everything becomes so much lighter! It's so beautiful here though because there are so many hills that almost remind me of the mountains back home in Utah and seeing them covered in white just makes me so happy! It is however very difficult and also very fun to bike in snow because you just slip around all the time haha!

Neat story: So as I said, we work a lot with returning members and this week we had an awkward but also spiritual experience, if that makes sense... a returning member said that we could come by and meet him but when we got there it was just him and his friend drinking beer and stuff. We were kind of just awkwardly there trying to get to know him. That was very awkward. But we asked if we could share a message with them before we left and they said yes, and the whole atmosphere just changed as we started talking about the restored gospel and everything that our loving Heavenly Father has to offer us. We were able to bear our testimonies and you could just tell that they felt something! The spirit is such a blessing and the fact that we have been given the promise that it will be with us as long as we live worthily is amazing! Never take the amazing blessings of the gospel for granted!

Sorry for the short email again... but hope that you enjoy the pics!

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