November 19, 2018




Noah Rasmussen

All the conferences pt 2

So the highlight of this week was definitely Zone Conference!

Last Monday after P-Day we traveled down to Stockholm and finally made it after our train got delayed 3 times :') Zone Conference was so good. 
1. Because I learned how I can be a better missionary by bearing short effective truths about the gospel and inviting people to act and
2. I SAW ÄLDSTE BECKMAN AGAIN! Wow he's an amazing missionary.  We actually got to do a role play together so technically we were companions for like 3 minutes!!!
But yeah I also got to see Sister Payne and Äldste Burns from my group so that was hype (pics will be attached).

One fun thing that happened this week was that there was an Elders Quorum activity and we had our friend Jeff come along and it was awesome! Bowling was fun and all but the best part was seeing Jeff developing friendships with the branch! Also, Jeff is a legend at bowling and taught me all his skills.  I went from having gutter balls to getting some nasty spin on the ball and getting strikes! He's a legend.  He doesn't have the most religious background but he said that he would love to keep coming to activities! 

We also had Stake Conference this week so that was way good and President and Sister Youngberg gave awesome talks! On Saturday night we had some technical problems so we missed the first hour but after plugging the speakers into a phone and then a phone into a computer which was plugged into a projector, it worked! I don't understand technology either.

Pretty solid week though.  Except the referral that I talked about last week ended up being fake... Apparently it was just a guy messing with the online missionaries :/ classic trolls. But we do have a member who said that she is going to bring a friend that we can teach next week so that's hype!!

Gävle is amazing and today I visited the world's smallest IKEA! Also, they are putting up the world's largest straw goat in two weeks, so things are getting crazy!

I have such a strong testimony that it is Christ who leads this work. He is aware of each and every one of us on this earth and I'm so thankful that I can be here in Gävle at this specific time and helping specific people :)

Hej då
Äldste Balls


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