November 5, 2018




Noah Rasmussen

Bus eller Godis?

Tjena tjena everyone!

I hope that you all had a neat halloween! Halloween isn't really a thing here in Sweden but it is at the same time because everyone loves America so it became a thing.  Which I'm glad it did, because we had a Halloween party on Friday! It was awesome and I'm really bummed that I didn't take a pic but trust me it was wild.  We had a bunch of different stations and one of them was run by me and Äldste Rasmussen! Our responsibility was to make a activity where the kids could feel spooky things such as brains, eyeballs, maggots, all that good stuff.  So we made brains (spaghetti and jello), eyeballs (peeled grapes) and maggots (rice) and covered them so that the kids couldn't see it when they touched it and they all kinda freaked out, even the bigger kids that try to act tough haha.  No one cried though, don't worry.  We also got costumes for the party! And by that I mean that we searched the apartment for anything that would work.  So Äldste Rasmussen was Santa and wore a Santa hat and some stockings and I was a magician! At least I was supposed to be.  I wore a blue blanket with stars on it as a cape because I though it looked magician-y but when I got to the party everyone said I was Captain America, so I just kinda went with it.  The real highlight of the party was that we had some people who we're teaching come! We had a returning member and her non member husband come and they had a great time with their kids! We also had another woman that we're teaching come and her kids LOVED it! Blessings.

Another exciting thing that happened this week was that we had work overs here in Gävle! The Borlänge Elders came for the day and it was wild but very convenient to have them so that we could get all the things that we needed to do! I had the chance to be with Äldste Petersen again.  He is awesome and we teach so well together for some reason! We met this super neat guy named Aziz on the bus and got his contact information and he wants to meet again sometime! Also, funny story: Me and Äldste Petersen were just chillin in the apartment studying the Swedish language at like 2pm and some trick or treaters came! So basically we had to run around the apartment looking for non existent candy but its ok because we gave them hacky sacks instead haha.  But Äldste Petersen gave me lots of good advice for the area so we've been applying it and have been seeing blessings! Oh we also got to play soccer for exercise time because we had 4 people so that was hype.

On Saturday we had a neat experience! We were planning on tracting in an area called Lexe, but after we got on the bus it just didn't feel right. It's so cool how the spirit works.  So we ended up walking to a different neighborhood and tracting there, but no one was really interested. But then we felt like we needed to cross a busy street and tract the neighborhood on that side, so we did and we found a really neat lady named Ulrika! We were able to testify about God's plan for us and about the Book of Mormon and she totally felt the spirit because she was basically just speechless.  It wasn't the best timing cause she was having a Halloween party, but we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that we could come by again and teach! Such a cool experience!

Always act on the first promptings! Joseph Smith said that when we act on the first promptings, we will be right 9 times out of 10! That is so true.  Just remember that a prompting is anything that leads you to do good and I really liked a quote from this last general conference: "Never suppress a generous thought". The spirit will just give us the smallest nudges, but as we follow them we will see that we are the answers to prayers!

Also remember Jose from last week?? The guy that the members are working on? We got to help him again this week and he was SOOOO thankful! He is literally the best and I love him so much and the branch loves him and it's just a matter of time.  It's so cool to see the Lord prepare him for the gospel. 

Thank you for reading this email and since you made it to the bottom you get a neat scripture! 3 Nephi 18:30-32 :)

Have an awesome week! Also, remember how I play the piano every week? I'm playing for the primary program next week, so keep me in your prayers 

🙃Äldste Nathan Balls
Bus eller Godis = trick or treat


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