April 2, 2018


Lund, Sweden


Jaden Hambrick


Ok everyone please prepare yourself because this week has been the craziest week of my life by far and so much has happened! Where to even start? I guess I'll start way back at the MTC (that seems like an eternity ago btw). So yeah, we had our last few days at the mtc! I'm actually going to miss that place with our crazy awesome zone, the volleyball, our crazy deep convos but most of all my district. But at the same time I'm in Sweden and I couldn't be more happy! :) Ok so yeah the last few days of the MTC consisted of saying lots of goodbyes and lots of trips to the scale to see if my luggage was under weight (which it was so yay). Then on Monday morning is when things got crazy haha. We got up at 3:45 a.m. so that we could say our quick goodbyes to our zone and be at the travel office at 4:50 with all our bags and everything. From there, they put us on a bus to take us to the Trax station! After about an hour on the train we got to the airport and got our bags checked and everything, went through security and then we got to talk to our families!!!! Oh my goodness what a blessing! I can still hear my mom answering the phone and the joy it brought just to hear her voice! And then I got to talk to all my siblings and everything - oh it was jätte bra! jag känner så valsignade att har min familj! (Also my brother told me that the jazz beat the warriors so LET'S GO!) Sorry... anyways then we went and got some food and the nicest thing ever happened! This lady came by and bought our meal for us super fast and then left! So random lady in the airport if you ever read this BLESS YOUR SOUL! So after that miracle we went and got on the plane and went all the way to Boston! And then in Boston we hugged the ground real fast cause it was our last time in America for like 2 years and then we flew all the way to Amsterdam! Also dinners on the plane are actually pretty good! One other quick thing, let it be noted that I beat Äldste Youngberg in tic tac toe on the way to Amsterdam hehe. But yeah, then we arrived in Amsterdam and then took a quick flight to SWEDEN!

So yeah, here I am now! The first few days here were actually crazy though. So the way the time difference worked and everything, we got to Sweden in the morning after only getting like 2-3 hours of sleep and poor Syster Payne only got like 10 min of sleep but yeah we were exhausted and still had a whole day to go through. Our mission president was there to pick us up along with a bunch of other missionaries and it was super fun to meet all of them and just get engulfed in the mission culture from the beginning! President Youngberg is way cool though and he's actually related to Äldste Youngberg which is neat. So yeah from there we went and exchanged some money, took our bags to the mission home, went and got some authorization stuff so that I can live in Sweden, went to the mission office and had lunch and then we went street contacting! IN THE REAL WORLD WITH REAL PEOPLE!!!!! So I went out with Äldste Lee who is a suuuuuuuper cool guy. He actually left to go back home on Thursday so I'm honored that I got to spend the last day with him of his 2 years in Sweden! He's a way solid guy though and super friendly and really really really really good at Swedish. He was talking to people like it was his native tongue! But yeah I got the opportunity to talk to some people which was scary but also amazing! I already have such a love for the people here!

Also quick funny story: so when we were contacting, Äldste Lee would initiate and then would talk to them and then ask me a question to get me involved. So I would answer the question and everything and then Äldste Lee would tell them that I have only been learning Swedish for like 6 weeks and one of the people we talked to basically cussed super loud and said how good my Swedish and stuff was haha. My Swedish really isn't that good, like I didn't even know what the guy said until Äldste Lee told me after haha. But yeah contacting was good! We gave our 2 Mormons Bok and we got like 4 phone numbers! After that we came back and watched a really boring driving video that I honestly can't even remember, I was just trying to stay awake lol. Then we ate dinner and had interviews and by the time that was over it was like 6 ish and President let us go to bed early because he knew we needed it. We literally slept for 12 hours and woke up and were still tired. Jetlag is not fun ladies and gentlemen.

So on my second day here we got to find out where we would all be serving and who our trainers would be! I am blessed enough to be with Äldste Hambrick! He's such a cool guy, he's 21, from Wisconsin, is studying animation, is the oldest of 5, has been out in Sweden for just under a year, his favorite color is blue and he's a total legend! Oh also I'm serving in Lund! It's a city that is way down in the southern part of Sweden and it's so pretty here - I love it! And Syster Payne is also serving in Lund so that's way cool! I get to see her like every day so at least there is one familiar face here! But yeah, everything is so good I wish I could write more!

We're working really hard! We have already taught two lessons and gotten one new investigator! Äldste Hambrick says this has been probably the most busy he's been on his mission so yeah everythings going great. Also the members here are awesome!! If you want to hear some funny stories about some of the members please email me because they're great haha. Anyways if you made it to the bottom of this email you are a champ! Thanks for hearing about my life!

Jag älskar ni! Jag hopp ni har en bra vecka!

Äldste Nathan Balls


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