July 23, 2018




Nicholas Buckley


So what's good everyone??

This week has been truly awesome! We've seen so many miracles!! Let's get into it.

So this week we've been having more and more lessons and it's great! We had another lesson with the girl from America named Kate and she has been reading a chapter out of the Book of Mormon everyday and said that she feels the sprit from it and actually came to church yesterday! That's the first time in like a year that an investigator has been to church in this area so that's pretty neat! She really liked it even though it was all in Swedish and Äldste Buckley translated for her but in her own words it was "beautiful" :) 

We also got let in this week from tracting! Might sound crazy but it really doesn't happen that often here so that was a total blessing.  The guy was an older man who had been taught by missionaries before and has read the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants! He's a little hard to work with cause he doesn't want to come to church and when we ask him questions he doesn't really give us a response... but he's awesome and we've taught him twice now! Plus he played us a little song on the keyboard and it was legendary.

It's been a week and no one has crashed on the bikes so we're still efficient!

Also I went on splits with Äldste Ahonen this week! He's a missionary from Finland and we actually met a neat guy from Finland while we were together! We saw a house with a Finnish flag so we had to knock it and then Äldste Ahonen and the guy who answered had a 15 min conversation in Finnish and I was just chilling not understanding everything.  Reminds me of my first month here in Sweden :') But yeah, good news is that the guy speaks Swedish as well and he wants to do family history! Splits magic is real!

But yeah thats pretty much the week haha.  We've met lots of awesome people and hopefully will be able to meet with them again!

Transfer calls are this next Sunday and it kind of blows my mind that I've already been here in Vendelsö.  Pretty sure that I'm going to stay but there is rumor that Vendelsö is going to combine with the Handen area so we'll see! I love you all and have a flawless week!

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